Come Weary and broken. Frustrated and fed up in life. Drink in this fragmented beauty that you might find footing in the storms of life.

I am Kristopher Orr, a visual storyteller. Beloved loving, Triune God house. I am a warrior poet and understand my world through story and Narrative Cubism. I craft shapes to ignite incendiary ideas. I seek to be attentive to the radiance of the Magnificent, that the aroma of the sacred might saturate my work. I posture myself in obedience to the call on my life to dive into the terrifying Deep. In the space between the now and not yet, I pray a window of wonder might open through my work.

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On The Easel

On The Easel

Why do we suffer? Is it pointless?  Could it be that through tribulation, the human heart is refined or is it simple entropy? Could our greatest virtue actually come from how we suffer? Or is life a slow erosion into hopeless chaos accelerated by pain? Blending narratives of individual journeys with the vulnerability of small birds, a series of paintings exploring these ideas will be unveiled in August of 2019 at the Abigail Kreuser Gallery.

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Kristopher Story


Find out more of the history that has brought me to this arena, and the driving forces behind the artwork.

Doxology: A Short FIlm

In the book of James, we are exposed to the preservative idea that genuine religion is that which cares for the vulnerable. Yet the oppression of the vulnerable still exists and even thrives under our watch. Doxology is a short film intended to unite all who want to protect the vulnerable around a common theme- how we worship practically is our Doxology.

Concept ArtDoxology Opening

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