Acrylic on canvas 36 x 24

Absolution is a meditation on the moment when Christ forgave the convict
next to him at the Crucifixion. Earlier in the account, the convict was joining
the mob in insulting Jesus. Instead of Christ responding in like terms, he
asked the Father to forgive them all for "they know not what they do".
Who responds like this while be tortured? The love Jesus has for humanity
goes deeper than bones and marrow. I imagine the convict, guilty
of his rebellion watching Jesus suffer, heard his responses, and
eventually believed Jesus was who he claimed to be. The shattered white
tones spread from Christ's hand over to the convict's carry the dove or
Holy Spirit. Just like the veil was torn, so was the barrier within the human
heart. The convict did nothing to earn Jesus' favor, it was from an
overflow of love and grace.

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