Christ of Saint John of the Cross, Salvador Dalí, 1951

5 Laments & 5 Redemptions

In my journey as an artist, I am interested in finding ways to force the reluctant parts of me into the Deep. Often that requires me to engage in difficult subject material to listen to the ideas that want to be brought into the material world. I imagine 5 Laments featuring 5 cultural failings that continue to plague culture today. The flip side of the redemptions is how these wounds may be healed.

It's always a temptation to become didactic. What a horror for an artist! If I were so arrogant as to say if only we could do this or that to heal these massive generational cancers, I'd be an utter fool and I would abuse those who graciously would bend their minds toward my paintings. Rather, an honest and accurate approach to the wounds, and an honest and accurate approach to the means by which these might be healed is wisest. For we know that a painting is a journey. The Artist's work is to attractive to good ideas. To show up often and empty oneself to be filled. As the ancient Disciple once said: "Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he's done." Then, get to work.

Current reference material

Here are some image references I've been looking through as I'm contemplating the first lament of the treatment of the First Nation in America. There have been devastating long term effects from how the Western lands were entered in and populated. Is there anything today that can be done? My prayer is that by painting through this prayerfully, something good might happen to heal these wounds and return some of the honor of the First Nation to the great, great grandchildren of those who suffered.